How did Kyoko Kirigiri die?


Kyoko knew since the beginning that she would die when she doesn’t kill Makoto in the time limit, yet she decided against that option. Now, I know that Kyoko technically did not commit suicide since she died to the poison and not to herself. … Kirigiri was alive at the end of the hope side!

Ainsi Did Junko really die?

In Danganronpa 3, Junko is alive during the flashback Side: Despair arc, which shows how she causes the Tragedy. She’s dead during the Side: Future arc, and is shown watching the events in an otherworldly movie theater with Chisa, who died at the start of the arc.

Cela dit, Who does Kyoko Kirigiri have a crush on?

Kyoko Kirigiri is the main heroine of the video game and anime series Dangaronpa and the love interest of Makoto Naegi.

Did Kirigiri kill mukuro? Escaped Hope’s Peak Academy. Survived the Final Killing Game. … She is also the daughter of the late Headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy, Jin Kirigiri. In Chapter 5, the mastermind attempts to have her executed for the murder of Mukuro Ikusaba, a crime she didn’t commit, due to her interference in the mastermind’s plans.

et Who is Junko’s crush?

Junko actually is capable of having affectionate feelings for others, such as her childhood friend and crush Yasuke Matsuda and her own sister. However, this only feeds into her love of despair, killing them in a manner to make herself as well as the victims she actually cared for feel extreme despair.

Did Junko kill her sister?

However, on a whim, Junko decided to kill her sister for real and Mukuro was brutally impaled by Monokuma with numerous spears, dubbed “Heavenly Spear, Gungnir”.

Will there be a Danganronpa 4?

This new 3D RPG is predicted to drop sometime in 2022 and will release on PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. As explained on the Spike Chunsoft website, this new RPG is based on Akihito Tsukushi’s dark fantasy manga and anime, Made in Abyss.

Why is Kyoko Kirigiri emotionless?

In the fifth chapter, she sent Naegi to his death because she didn’t wanted to die herself. It was for honorable reasons since she wanted to resolve the school’s mysteries, but still selfish. And, it also means that she didn’t think that the others could have resolve the mysteries by themselves, again,trust issue.

Does Hina like Makoto?

During the Final Killing Game, some of Aoi’s expressions indicate that she knows Makoto and Kyouko like each other, and she appears silently very happy for them.

Did Kyoko Kirigiri kill anyone?

If followed the bad ending, Monokuma executes her leaving the other students inside the academy. If following the good ending, Kyoko challenges him in Chapter 6 to find the mastermind behind the killing game and the murder of Mukuro.

Why did Junko kill Chiaki?

Junko Enoshima

Junko was actually the one who executed Chiaki. Her initial plan was to let Chiaki watch the Despair video, but upon realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair.

Does Kirigiri love Makoto?

Kyoko continues to admire his optimism, and Makoto, in turn, admires her ‘cool’ personality and considers her the person who has kept him alive. In Danganronpa 3, it becomes much more evident that the two have feelings for each other, especially notable in Makoto’s shyer behavior and tendency to blush more often.

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How did Junko fake her death?

In the first game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Junko fakes her death by having Mukuro pose as her so she can kill her under her Monokuma guise, using the event to encourage her former classmates at Hope’s Peak Academy to participate in a “killing game”, both actions serving to feed her desire to fuel an “ultimate …

Is Kokichi pansexual?

Ouma Kokichi is nonbinary pansexual!

Why is Danganronpa 3 blood red?

Originally, the reason for pink blood was to chill out some of the more intense imagery. It also made sense from a style standpoint, since a lot of black comedy and overall strangeness was a part of the series.

Is there going to be a Danganronpa 5?

Spike Chunsoft CEO, Mitsutoshi Sakurai, has recently confirmed that the Danganronpa series is “taking a break” after V3. The bad news: For the foreseeable future (2 years at least), there will almost definitely be no more Danganronpa games.

Does Aoi like Inosuke?

It is confirmed in the Volume 23 extras that Inosuke and Aoi did eventually end up together and that they have two great-grandsons, one of which is Aoba.

Why did Sakura kill herself?

Sakura greatly revered and respected her friendship with the other students of Class 78th, with them being her first real friends whom she trusted deeply. Likely inheriting a spirit of loyalty from her clan, she even committed suicide in order to prevent her friends from turning against each other.

Is Jin Kirigiri Kyoko Kirigiri’s father?

Jin was the father of the Ultimate Detective Kyoko Kirigiri, one of the Academy’s students and the participants of Class 78th Killing Game.

Is Kyoko Kirigiri a Kuudere?

kyoko kirigiri~ if yoy watched danganronpa you know kyoko is a total kuudere which i findcute cause kyoko does end up opening up to makoto kyoko also is always doing things on her own she even found out about halfof the mystery of the school all on her own as you go thought danganronpa thought you do notice kyoko is …

Does Junko have a crush on Makoto?

Junko Enoshima is Mukuro’s little sister. … Mukuro developed a crush on Makoto Naegi, after he was the first one to smile at her. She never had enough courage to say how she felt to him.

Is Monokuma dead?

However, the Monokubs accidentaly stepped on Monokuma causing him to explode. After he explodes and “dies“, the Monokubs begin to cry for their father, thinking he is truly gone and vow to avenge his death. This made the students believe that the Killing Game had ended.

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